The General Prosecutor’s Office summed up the work for 2018 and identified tasks for the future

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The General Prosecutor’s Office summed up the work for 2018 and identified tasks for the future - 847946465

January 18, 2019. Today there was an expanded session of the board of the General Prosecutor’s Office, with the participation of the Assistant to President - Secretary of the Security Council Gabit Bayzhanov.

In his speech, the General Prosecutor Kairat Kozhamzharov noted that the activity of the supervisory authority are aimed at fulfilling the instructions of the Head of State to humanize and modernize the criminal law field, ensure socio-political stability in the country, and also digitize law enforcement.

During the years of independence in 2018, the lowest level of repressiveness of the criminal process was achieved for the first time.

Detained and arrested persons became less by 4 times (from 43 to 10 thousand and from 38 to 9 thousand respectively), sentenced to imprisonment by 5.5 times (from 40 to 7 thousand).

New reforms have not worsened the crime situation. The downward trend in crime continues. It was reduced by 8% (from 316 to 292 thousand), and grave and especially grave crimes - by 19% (from 26 to 21 thousand).

At the same time, the General Prosecutor drew attention to certain shortcomings in the law enforcement agencies activity related to the violation of the rights of participants in criminal proceedings.

In 2018, prosecutors released 766 illegally detained citizens, which is 3.5 times more than in 2017.

Bodies of investigation withdrawn from responsibility of about 400 criminals. On the facts of unlawful methods of investigation, the involvement of a knowingly innocent person, torture and excess of power, 348 criminal cases were investigated.

Noting the shortcomings of the criminal prosecution bodies, K. Kozhamzharov demanded that the prosecutors ensure the rule of law: “The high-priority in the criminal process should be the absolute exclusion of violations of the citizens’ constitutional rights, prevention of torture and unlawful interference with the private life of citizens.”

In the field of public interest protection, prosecutors conducted a number of significant inspections on labor, land relations, employment, education, and tariff policy.

According to the acts of supervision, 34 billion tenge were reimbursed to the budget and property was returned to the amount of 21 billion tenge. Wage arrears in the amount of 2.4 billion tenge were repaid.

Land plots worth 7 billion tenge were returned to the state fund. Tariffs for electricity and heat reduced with a compensation of 25 billion tenge to the population.

The measures taken prevented about 140 hotbeds of social tension.

The transport prosecutors efforts have focused on ensuring security in the field of aviation, rail and road transport. It prevented large material damage to the interests of the state in the amount of 6.4 billion tenge.

By preventive measures in the military sphere, crime in the army decreased by 12%.

This year, prosecutors are tasked with verifying compliance with the law in the areas of providing citizens with guaranteed free medical care, tariffs for gas and water, protection of the rights of socially vulnerable groups of the population - children, the disabled, pensioners and others.

 “The results of each of our checks should improve the quality of the population life and remove the prerequisites of social problems,” Kairat Kozhamzharov said.

Also at the board meeting, the General Prosecutor instructed the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies to ensure the fulfillment of the task set by the President to introduce a new model of personnel training for law enforcement.

In addition, they voiced the results of the automation of law enforcement. In 2018 over 15 thousand criminal cases of misconduct and minor offense were investigated electronically.

The General Prosecutor pointed to the need for a gradual transition of the investigating authorities to the electronic investigation of moderate crimes and the implementation of the “E-administrative case” in the authorized state bodies.

Following the meeting, they gave a number of instructions, and defined tasks and priorities for the activity of the supervisory authority for 2019.


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The General Prosecutor’s Office summed up the work for 2018 and identified tasks for the future - 1929037355