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An operations and investigations group guided by a special prosecutor continues a pre-trial investigation on officers of the Atyrau Department of Internal Affairs on abuse of office and authority. 

On October 17 this year the Head of the Criminal Police Division of the Atyrau Department of Internal Affairs and his Deputy were arrested and placed in a temporary detention facility.

Other details are not disclosed for purposes of the investigation. The investigation is continued.


On October 18, the Internal Security Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office have arrested the Deputy Prosecutor one of the district of the Akmola region, in flagrante delicto while receiving a bribe of 1 mln tenge.

It is identified that extorted bribes not to lodge a protest on a criminal case against the citizen M, who had been given in August this year a seven-year suspended sentence for embezzlement of entrusted property.

Suspender was placed in a temporary detention facility of the Astana Department of Internal Affairs.

The investigation is being conducted under the guidance of a special prosecutor of the Internal Security Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office.


The Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation contented the request of the Prosecutor General’s office of Kazakhstan on extradition of Dildabayev to bring him to criminal responsibility.

According to investigation material, Dildabayev is accused for managing the criminal organization, creation of several commercial organizations with no intention to do commercial activities and effecting fictive deals with other organizations during 2012-2015. He, for certain reward, returned all the money received on the concern account to counteragents without actually putting a job through, which allowed the legal persons to avoid taxes and other compulsory payments.

As a result of Dildabayev’s criminal activity the state has been highly damaged for more than 4 billion tenge.

In October 2015 the court sanctioned Dildabayev’s arrest and he is wanted. In November last year he had been arrested by law enforcement of the Russian Federation in Voronezh region. In September this year the Russian side contented the prosecutor’s request on his extradition and now his transfer to Kazakhstan is expected.

One more participant of this criminal organization Marat Zhupkaziyev has been extradited from Thailand to Kazakhstan in August, 2016.


The system of prosecution authorities pays great attention to the improvement of professional level of prosecutors.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has been facilitated close cooperation with leading universities of the country, as well as with representatives of business environment, which share knowledge in the area of management and personal development.

the Prosecutor General’s Office held a meeting with a famous businessman, active advocate of the promotion of small business, Serikbai Bisekeev, who was recognized as the best entrepreneur of Russia in the Ernst & Young nomination.

A scientist, researcher, professional, high class specialist, director of the Kazak Humanitarian Law University Higher School of Economics Dilbar Gimranova gave a lecture today.

D. Gimranova shared with prosecutors valuable knowledge in the area of change management. Her recommendations are very useful for prosecution services, since new approaches are being introduced at the current moment. A new staff recruitment system and principles of project management have been applying to the prosecutor’s office.

Nurdilda Oraz,
Official representative of the Procecutor General`s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan