Briefing of the Prosecutor General’s Office (Astana, November 24, 2016)

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Onprimary resultsof the project “Employmentin the colonies-2017”

185businesseshaveopened their production units inthecolonies of the country.They have employedmorethan2.5 thousandconvicts.

26prisonerscreatedindividualproduction units.Through the usetheInternetresourceofthecorrectionalsystemoftheCommittee, the convictshavetheopportunitytostudy “100 businesses for prisoners”, “1000businessideas”, “Successful Stories”.

Since2014 the ProsecutorGeneral'sOfficetogetherwiththeMinistryofInterior has been implementingtheproject “Employment in the colonies-2017.” TheProjectaimstobring by 2018theemployment ratio of employable prisoners atleastto75%.

Fromthe launch oftheproject we managed toincreasetheemploymentofprisonersin a fee-paid labor from51to64%.Kyzylorda,Mangystau,Zhambylregions andAstana managed to do in this direction best of all.

WithintheframeworkoftheRoadMapfortheimplementationoftherecommendationsoftheForum “Supervision of prosecution authorities inthefieldofentrepreneurship,” whichwasheld on June14,2016 in the Prosecutor General’s Office; certain measures were launched toreduceadministrativebarriers.It was allowed to transferproductionareasintheinstitutions in trust management withouttenders andrental fees; and theprocedureforadmissionofentrepreneursontheterritoryofthecolony was simplified.

Prohibition on establishing servicestations was eliminated.Thiswill ensure the creation of newjobsandprovidesignificantsocialservicestothepopulation.


On primary resultsoftheproject “Re-socialization: Society needs you!”

Socialandlegal support to the personsreleasedfromprisonhasincreased one and ahalftimes.218personsinthiscategoryareemployed to social jobs,682 persons are engaged in paid welfare activity,237 persons releasedfromcorrectional units havereceivedallowance in the amount of5 million tenge.

Inaddition,tostartownbusinessinruralareasthiscategoryofpersonsreceivedmicroloans in the amount of 12mln.tenge.

Since2015ProsecutorGeneral’sOfficetogetherwiththe concerned statebodies has been implementingtheproject – Re-socialization:Society needs you!,aimedatthereturnofformerconvictsintosocietyaslaw-abidingcitizens.



Incomparisonwithlastyear the amount of accidentsandinjuriesontheroads has reduced.

Inthecurrentyear, there are morethan15.5thousandaccidentsin thecountry,whichaffectedover22thousand people.2089people died,whichis1.5%lessthanthesameperiodin2015.

From the totalnumberofinjured,17.8%arechildren.Withtheparticipationofpublictransport there were 973accidents, in which89 persons died and1375 persons were injured.Inmorethan500 circumstances the busdrivers are guilty.

The Law Enforcement Agencies Academy together with the experts of authorized state bodies and non-governmental sector developed a draft National Road Safety Concept.

The main objective of the Project is to decrease in Kazakhstanthe traffic accidentdeath rate by 2020 to 6 per 100,000 population and achieve the minimum level of the road accident mortality in the future.


On illegal migration

This year, the number of foreigners crossing the state border with fictitious invitations and forged documents has increased. 1097 cases were recorded (870 in 2015).

The prosecution authorities stopped the channels of irregularforeign migrants from China and Uzbekistan organized by criminal groups in Almaty, Akmola and East Kazakhstan oblasts.

Certain problemsexisting in the current state control system have led to the present state of affairs. The single information system Berkut used bythe border guard and the internal affairs agencies for migration control is imperfect. The control over the movement of foreigners in the country has not been fully established. The above provides a fertile ground for illegal migration and corruption, and increases the terrorist threat.

The Prosecutor General's Office made specific proposals to the Government to address these challenges and improve information bases of the authorized bodies.