Briefing of the Prosecutor General’s Office (Astana, November 11, 2016)

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Regarding the case on pseudo-prosecutor

The Prosecutor General’s Office concluded its pre-trial investigation regarding pseudo-prosecutor, who in this July, introducing himself as a member of Astana’s Prosecutor’s Office in uniform, lying about an inspection, tried to get money from the LLP Director in amount of 10,000 US dollars for not bringing him to justice for alleged violations of tax legislation.

At the time of arrest, suspect was a lawyer at Astana’s Bar Association, and prior to that he had worked as an assistant to the Prosecutor of Rudnyi in Kostanai region since 2009 till April 2016. He was dismissed from the Prosecutor’s Office on his own will.

Prosecution found the proof for it in the collected evidence of the case. Criminal activities of the pseudo-prosecutor are subject to two articles - attempted large scale fraud and imposture.

The criminal case is at the stage of judicial trial.


Regarding theillegal land plots fraud in Tselinograd district of Akmola region.

The Prosecutor General’s Office concluded its pre-trial investigation regarding 24 members of the criminal group, consisting of employees from the akimat, justice office, population service centre, land registry, LLP and other citizens, who during two years (2014-2015) in Tselinograd district had forged documents of the Land Commission, Akims of Kosshy, Talapker, Koyandy, Karaotkel rural districts on the provision of land plots and sold them.

As a result of criminal activities, the said persons affected 187 people, illegally took out more than 370 land plots from the state ownership. The damage brought to the state accounts for 195,360,000tenge. The land plots had been sold by market price to individuals in the amount of more than half a billion(574,233,000)tenge.

The materials of the criminal case consist of 470 volumes. Participants of the process started to study the materials of the case, and in the nearest future the criminal case will be referred to the court.


Regarding the extradition of Kazakhstan citizen from UAE

On November 10 of this year а Kazakhstan citizenaccused of embezzling funds in the amount of 120 thousand US dollars was extradited from the United Arab Emirates to Kazakhstan.

The United Arab Emirates competent authorities satisfied the request of Prosecutor General's Office of the RK on her surrender. The work was conducted with assistance of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the UAE and Interpol of the MIA RK.

In 2011 the alleged criminal, posingas a former employee of one of an oil company, deceivedanentrepreneur on possibleconclusion of a lucrative contract for the supply of sulfur. For the expenses of the contract, upon her request, the funds in the amount of 120,000 US dollars were transferred to her account. After receiving the money, she has left.

Currently, suspect is settled in the pretrial detention centre in Almaty.


Regardingpositive feedback to the prosecutor of the city of Almaty

On 2 November about 9 a.m. police received a message concerning the disappearance of the sisters aged 6 and 7 in the Algabasgated community in Almaty.

According to the post in the Facebook social network published by a volunteer ElyaAlieva, after a call police officers arrived with a service dog, however a trace of girls was not detected.

Unsuccessful searches were continuing, including through the distribution of information in social networks.

The unaccompanied children were found by prosecutor’s assistant of the city GulnaraZhanbekovaat the same day about 2 p.m. in a busy place along the road near the Ice Palace “Almaty Arena”.

Referring to the words of the children, in the early morning they left their house and got lost. After that they decided to go, as they explained, “to the forest to gather strobili”. At the same time the children did not know their address nor the phone number of the parents.

Since the girls looked chilled and hungry, GulnaraZhanbekova fed them in the nearest dining room and called officers of juvenile justice.

TheProsecutorGeneralconsiders the issue of remuneration of the prosecutor G. Zhanbekova.