Briefing of General Prosecutor’s Office (Astana, November 2, 2016)

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On the work of interdepartmental task force in Aktobe Oblast

A brief overview has been made on the project Ensuring People’s Security that uses a new format of interaction of central state bodies with the local population in Aktobe.

Within the month the interdepartmental task force has held 2,600 events. Every 6th resident was involved. At the same time, special attention was paid to children, women, pensioners, persons with disabilities, large families and low-income families, condemned persons and the followers of radicalism. Conversations were held with individual supporters, and some of them succeed to get convinced of their wrong judgment.

It has visited hospitals, schools, universities, mosques, businesses, military and police institutions. It made explanations on employment, on the ways how to obtain loans, subsidies, grants, education and medicine.

With the purpose to develop businesses, 108 rural akims were trained on the methods of engagement with the population; they were provided with 850 business ideas. Over a thousand of people were trained to organize and conduct their businesses. Development institutions in Aktobe granted loans in the amount of 3.1 billion for 125 projects.

Social support involved 46 thousand persons. Persons with disabilities and families with many children received real help.

More than 14 thousand school children took preventive medical examination. Lead doctors from clinics and research centers in Astana and Almaty conducted examinations and workshops; they examined more than 9.6 thousand citizens, helped to 1008 residents, of whom more than half were treated in-situ, the rest were sent to the republican centers.

Job fairs were held with the purpose to reduce the unemployment rate, 123 unemployed have been employed. As a result of the dialogue with business leaders, the issue of back payments on the salaries of 232 employees in the amount 9 million tenge was settled.

Through the clergy 149 activities were held, which aimed at improving the activity of mosques and further training of imams.


On reception of citizens

Today, General Prosecutor held a regular reception of citizens. The reception was attended by 10 persons, two of them – by means of videoconferencing.

Complaints of the applicants concerned the legality of court orders in civil, criminal and administrative cases, the decisions of authorized authorities in the pre-litigation stage of the criminal process.

After hearing the claims of the applicants, Zhakip Assanov ordered the heads of relevant departments of the General Prosecutor’s Office to ensure a complete and comprehensive verification of the applicants’ petitions for certiorari and with the participation of the applicants themselves, in determining the violations of the law – to bring the protocols of prosecutor’s supervision and to take measures to restore the rights that were infringed.


On case of illegal economic trafficking through the customs post Bakhty in East Kazakhstan Oblast

General Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the case against former officials of the former Customs Control Committee against the creation and management of an organized group and illegal economic trafficking, which, in the period from June to December 2014, using an illegal scheme, organized the trafficking of consumer goods from China to Russia through the territory of Kazakhstan totaling more than 2.6 bln. tenge.

The investigation collected evidence of criminal acts of the members of the organized group.

On October 31 this year three suspects were detained and placed in the temporary detention center of Astana Department of Internal Affairs, among them - two former heads of the Division of Customs Control Committee of the Ministry of Finance and one employee of a private company.

Other details were not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. The investigation is going on.


On the ignition of the car in Khromtau

On the night of October 27, 2016, a car Toyota Camry inflamed in the courtyard of the house on Pobedy avenue in Khromtau.

The car belongs to the resident of Aktobe, K. Dauletov who came to visit his son, the prosecutor of Chromtau district.

The damage to the car was insignificant.

On the ignition the pretrial investigation is being conducted, and fire engineering examination was designated to determine the causes.